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High Quality Media Servers and Players

The best Kaleidescape alternative? – Perfect Home Theater’s servers with Drop-n-Rip feature and PHT players.

Formerly known as Vidabox media servers, PHT media servers and players offer the same functionality and reliability including “Drop-n-Rip” feature.

To address different tastes, we expanded our offer allowing our clients to choose between rack mount servers and several shelf installed servers. Some samples (not in scale):

Rack mount 4U server

Desk top server with 7" monitor

Ultra slim server

Mini server, great for music.


Any movie, any song, any room, any time. 
servers can accommodate up to 24 thousand DVDs or 55 hundred BluRays!  As a standard up to 15 players/streamers can be connected to one server, but we can extend it to 45 players/streamers if required.

Media from our servers can be played not only on big screen but also on tablets and phones..

We offer optional Plex Media Server.  For Sonos owners we can install optional Sonos interface, so client can enjoy his music over Sonos system.

Rack mount servers  

Shelf servers & combos

Start with server, from simple one with one HDD ($1650.00) up to high capacity in RAID5 or RAID6 mode. (Call or email for configuration and price) You can go with Rack mount or shelf installed servers.
Every system starts with the MEDIA NAS - a Drop-n-Rip archiving system that allows you to simply:
- Insert a disc
- Close the tray
....and any unencrypted CD, DVD, or Blu-ray will be automatically archived, with no other input! (No remotes, no buttons - just "Drop-n-Rip!")


Looking for simple solution because you don't want to stream to many players?  We offer Server/Player combo.  It starts at $1975.00.

Choose one of shelf installed servers and add player option for only $325.00.


Do you still have old Escient or Sony DVD or Blu-ray changer?  It makes no sense in 21st Century.  When you are watching movie - no one else can do it from the same changer.  Replace it by PHT Media Server.  Up to 15 people can watch movies from our server, even the same movie!


We can install up to three optical drives in main unit.  (Rack mount or tower only) Not enough?  Get PerfectJack.

Replace this:

By this:






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Last modified: 05/05/18