Media Servers Features.

An Intuitive, All-in-one Archiving & Storage System: Providing the Ultimate in Convenience!


· Drop-n-Rip archiving

· Automatic metadata tagging

· Expandable storage options

· 10+ AV Streams Supported

· For music: SONOS, Smart TVs, more

· Install iTunes: Syncs w. iCloud/Match

· ...and much more!

Drop-n-Rip Archiving: Easy as 1, 2, 3!


All Media Systems include our unique Drop-n-Rip™ technology. Simply insert the Blu-ray, DVD, or CD into the system tray - archiving starts automatically! 

All metadata will be tagged automatically as well.

If - for some reason - you have to modify any information about movie, there is a  Collection Management as a part of PHT Drop-n-Rip™.

Music on SONOS, Networked Players, Smart TVs & More.


Stored music can be streamed to any networked music player, such as SONOS, Smart TVs, PS3, Wii, cable/satellite/FIOS boxes, networked receivers,  OpenSqueeze Solo & more!
There’s no limit! 

10+ Audio-Video Streams Supported


Stream any movie, any song, to any room, at any time! PHT Media NAS systems handles up to 16 AV streams for easy, reliable multi-room distribution! 

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Our services and other offers

Our services

Since  VidaBox's "Media Systems" Division has been acquired by Perfect Home Theater, we made a lot of upgrades to our servers and players; Servers are much faster and all players are 4K compatible.

We support all Vidabox servers, we repair and/or upgrade them - if required.  

Do you need help?  Email us with server S/N and TV ID and I will personally check your server and let you know about problems and solutions.


Do you need SSD with software?  No problem.

Do you need Drop-n-Rip upgrade? No problem either.

HQ cables for Home Theaters: WireWorld cables

For several years we used WireWorld cables in our installation and I use them in my own systems. I strongly recommend them.  They never failed. If you want to buy some, go to our store.

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Chassis for media servers and players

For DIY guys, we still have a stock of chassis for HTPC, media servers and players.  You can check our offer here.

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Remote controls

You  can control players directly by any RC6 compatible remote and all  automation system like Crestron, URC, Control4 and other systems.  (Usually third party drivers required) 

You  can also control players over IP by phone or tablet using proper application; KORE for Android and Official Kodi Remote for iOS . 

Below are some screenshots from Samsung Galaxy and iPhone

Other options to watch

Other options to watch your media.


Media from our servers can be played not only on big screen but also on Notebooks, tablets and phones. 

Logitech Media Server installed.   Plex server and Sonos desktop controller available